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Category: Primary Care Liaison Nurses

Food and Mood: how diet affects your mental health

We often link our diet and what we eat to our physical health, but did you know that it also affects your mental health and wellbeing? Having a healthy, balanced diet rich in protein, nutrients and vegetables could be the key to raising energy levels, improving your ability to concentrate and focus, bettering digestion and […]

A Brave New World: How technology could transform mental health treatment

Technology and mental health may initially appear at odds. The fast-paced, 24/7 lifestyle that has stemmed from an increasingly interconnected world has often been reported to add to our stress levels and hinder our happiness. However, a pioneering wave of new research has started to capture how technological advancements may enhance mental health treatment in […]

Supporting someone with a mental health problem

It can be distressing and upsetting to see someone we love experiencing a mental health problem. Despite your good intentions and desires to help, you may be left feeling powerless and ill-equipped to provide mental health support. Remember that for this person, even having someone check in on them may make a vast difference. It […]

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