Primary Care Liaison

COVID-19 Service Update

Please do not visit our clinics if you are experiencing symptoms of Coronavirus. This includes if you or anyone in your household has a high temperature or a new continuous cough – even if it is mild. You can ring 111 for information and advice they will help you decide if you need to contact your GP.

Calling your GP is only necessary if you have

  • An existing health condition
  • Problems with your immune system
  • Very serious symptoms

The Primary Care Liaison Team are not offering face-to-face appointments. Instead, they are offering telephone consultations and face-to-face appointments using online platforms such as Zoom.

You may experience a longer than usual wait time for your first contact as the team experience some disruptions to their service. Some individuals may find that they are offered support as an alternative to seeing the Community Mental Health teams, and there may be times when you are directed to other support services that can better meet your needs.

If you need more information on medication, there are reliable medication resources on the Central and North West London website.

Who does Community Living Well Primary Care Liaison help?

Community Living Well Primary Care Liaison is for people over 18 who experience mental health problems whilst under the care of their GP, and who may benefit from extra structured support from a mental health professional.

It is a nurse-led service supported by Consultant Psychiatrists who can both offer support to you or to GPs where this is required.

What support does Community Living Well Primary Care Liaison offer?

Community Living Well Primary Care Liaison offers short term support. They can work with you, your GP and other professionals in a number of ways including:

  • Providing assessment and support to you and your GP for such things as specialist advice on treatment options, including medication advice and support
  • Help to manage your mental health and wellbeing
  • Help you to find solutions to life’s challenges
  • Link you to Psychological Therapies, Navigators, Employment and Peer Support where this is helpful.

Primary Care Liaison Workers can help you to:

  • Manage your mental health
  • Explore your treatment options and support your decisions about treatment
  • Create a plan, led by you, detailing how your needs can be met, who will support you and how
  • Work with you on techniques you can use to stay well; such as the management of low mood
  • Coordinate care and offer support to help you achieve your goals
  • Advise and support you in self-care and living skills.

How to access Primary Care Liaison

You will need your GP to refer you to this part of Community Living Well if they think you might benefit from extra help or advice. It will be your decision whether you want to accept that support.

We also accept referrals from secondary care mental health services for people who are transferring to primary care, where it is felt you could benefit from extra support to manage this transition.

You can talk to your GP about Primary Care Liaison and decide whether it is right for you.

There are reliable medication resources on the Central and North West London website.

How to contact Primary Care Liaison

Primary Care Liaison is delivered by Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust. To be referred to Primary Care Liaison please contact your GP.

Tel: 020 3317 4200

You could also write to Community Living Well at: