What happens next?

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Here you can find out what happens once you’ve made a referral to Community Living Well or a Community Mental Health Hub. You can use this information to advise clients or patients on what to expect.

Talking Therapies (IAPT)

Once we received a referral via an online self referral, or from a GP or other health professional: 

  • We register the referral and check we have all the information we need (if anything is missing, we will try and contact you for the missing information)
  • A clinician reviews the referral (usually the same day or the next day) to check if the referral seems suitable for the service – if we don’t think we are the right service for you, we will contact you or the person who made the referral to let you know. We will usually either pass the referral on to the service which would be better for you, or let you know what our recommendation is.

Making an appointment:

  • If it seems we are the right service, we will contact you via the telephone number you provided to arrange an initial appointment (the number will show as 0207 504 5500 – this number does not accept incoming calls). We may also collect some additional information from you when booking the appointment (demographic information that we are required to collect).
  • If we can’t get hold of you, we will leave a message / text / email asking you to contact us to book the appointment and giving you a deadline to do this.
  • The first appointment is usually over the phone (as this is usually quicker and easier for people to arrange), but if needed it can be face to face. We can also provide interpreters (including BSL) if needed.
  • We will send you an email (if you provided us with an email address) before the appointment with a link to some questionnaires to complete – it’s really helpful for us if you complete these in advance, as it saves time in the appointment.
  • We aim to offer a first appointment within 15 days from receiving the referral, but sometimes it may take a little longer.

After your first appointment:

  • After the first appointment we will discuss options for your treatment plan – this may be with our service, or we may recommend another service. Usually we confirm the plan with a senior clinician in the service to make sure we have thought about all options.
  • We then arrange a follow-up call with you to agree the treatment plan – what happens after this depends on your treatment plan and will be explained to you in the follow-up call – as it will be different for each person.

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